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Who We Are

We are a small team of passionate people who believe that sustainability should not be a compromise for our ocean. Sustainability is possible from the ocean, through the process, and into the end product; our products prove that. We do make high quality, unique, useful, and upcycled products, but the real goal is to encourage sustainable fishing and provide a future for the ocean ecologies we love and rely on.

We only purchase byproducts from fisheries that are managed sustainably, and are certified and traceable to their source my ASMI.

Our Team
Craig and Zach

Our team is a dynamic collection of passionate people unified by the mission of ocean sustainability.

Only fisheries that harvest sustainably face the cost of managing the populations of both target and bycatch species, not harvesting during crucial breeding seasons, and not using certain fishing methods that damage the ocean's habitat.

By adding value to their byproducts that are often wasted, we are proud to support and encourage sustainable fishing practices and management.