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Sustainable Fishing Alaska Salmon Leather Wallets

Alaska Salmon

Many of the world’s wild salmon stocks are depleted due to overfishing, habitat damage, or pollution. Alaska is the only state in the nation with a constitutional mandate that all fish be managed sustainably and commercial fishing is strictly regulated to preserve the populations.

Salmon are a keystone species to Alaska’s ecosystems. Wild salmon impressively return to the exact river they were born in – after traveling thousands of miles and spending 2-5 years at sea. This lifecycle allows Alaska’s wild salmon to be harvested at the tail-end of their life – allowing them to contribute to their role in the food chain along with orcas, seals, and other fish to help maintain a balanced, sustainable, and diverse ecosystem.

The Marine Stewardship Council certifies all of the 5 species of wild Alaskan salmon as sustainable. Salmon skins are often tossed in landfills or dumped to rot away on the ocean floor. Tidal Vision proudly reduces waste while sourcing salmon skins from certified sustainable Alaska fisheries.


Alaska Pot-Caught Crab

Everyday commercial crab fisherman brave the harshest elements to bring highly-prized crab meat to your family’s plate. Harvesting crab in pots, sometimes referred to as “traps,” is hard, back-breaking work. This method of crabbing is well worth the extra effort since the non-targeted, or by-catch species, can be released back into the environment unharmed.

Alaska has strict restrictions that prevent overfishing and only allows the harvesting of older male crab. Crab pulled up in pots are carefully measured, and all females and young males are released. All species of Alaska crab live on the bottom of the ocean. In many parts of the world, bottom-species are harvested with trawls that often destroy coral sanctuaries and seabeds.

We’re proud to support sustainable operations – who compete daily against their pillaging and poaching global counterparts – by adding value to their typically discarded byproducts.