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About Tidal Vision


We believe sustainability should not be a compromise.

Only fisheries that harvest sustainably face the cost of managing the populations of both target and bycatch species, not harvesting during crucial breeding seasons, and not using certain fishing methods that damage the ocean's habitat.

By adding value to their byproducts that are often wasted, we are proud to support and encourage sustainable fishing practices and management.

Sustainable: From the source, to the process, to your product.

We only purchase ocean byproducts from fisheries that are managed sustainably and certified by 3rd parties. 

Our proprietary methods upcycling byproducts is designed to be as sustainable as the source of the byproducts. Our aquatic leather tanned with all natural vegetable based tanning oils.  Our Chitoskin products (coming October 2015) are made in an eco-friendly manner as well.

We wanted to create wild, one-of-a-kind products that tell a story you can be proud of.


We believe that your wallet, one of your most personal items that you carry with you daily, should represent what you stand for. A symbol and visual reminder for the power you have as a conscious consumer - to drive the change you want to see in the world. 

At Tidal Vision, we believe sustainability should not be a compromise, so we set out to innovate sustainable ways to upcycle ocean byproducts.

We are starting with Alaska salmon leather, a true lifebood fish for Alaskan's, and a model for the world of what sustainable fishing can be. 



By sourcing byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries, we can add value to their waste and empower them to compete against their pillaging competitors. 

Sustainable fisheries make sacrifices for our ocean every day. They manage the populations of BOTH target and bycatch species, they don't harvest during crucial breeding seasons, and they don't use habitat damaging fishing methods.

At Tidal Vision, we want to support this level of care for our ocean's eco-systems. That is why we're upcycling sustainable ocean byproducts, and it starts with...  The Salmon Leather Project.



We wanted to reduce waste and encourage sustainable fishing, but current aquatic tanning methods required harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde or chrome-based chemicals. 

So we went back to the drawing board, and every ingredient in our proprietary aquatic tanning formula is certified as food-grade by the FDA. These natural vegetable-based tanning oils replace all the fish oils in the skin which preserves, strengthens, and gives our durable leather a familiar fragrance, similar to that of common cow leather tanned with vegetable oils.